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be confident, be social, be you

As we live in a world so dominated by social media, and largely removed from in person socializing, it's hard to find true connections.

I listen.

I hear voices.

Not in my head, but from real people with real stories and real pain. We walk this planet with amazing people carrying so much light, that in a world swallowed by darkness, I find myself blinded by their light.

As I dive inward to understand myself and who I am, I am reminded daily that the experiences shared with people I have met along the way, have had the most profound influence over my life. They have helped mold me into who I am today.

Thus, I come as a voice, and not just my own.

It's not important my name, yet so significant.

My culture, background, color, gender, and even my accent, carry with it, ties to a past and a life that is far from ordinary.

Who I am, where I've come from, and the pieces of me that make me me, have a beautiful way of painting colors on the 'canvas of life'. We all have such a painting!

Who am I?

My birth name has so many meanings. Derived from a Sanskrit word meaning 'sight', 'vision', or 'appearance'.

I am so commonly referred to, and prefer Dash.


A statement of who I am.

As I explore this concept of a name with no alphabetic letters, I wonder.

A punctuation mark, a hyphen, a dash...

Nameless by 'social standards' - but certainly not voiceless.

A name is given at birth. For some it carries with it huge significance, and for others, just a name, unknowingly received as an infant.

As we move through life, that name may change, be it by choice, marriage or re-marriage.

A name is given to set us apart in a world filled with so many others.

It identifies us, but does not define us.

I have a past, and in there, darkness.

We all have a past. I am yet to meet anyone without some form of darkness clouding their light.

Therefore, I come as a shadow. A representation of the past, and in such shadow, a reflection of darkness against light. This concept, this idea, and this meaning, brought to life, 'social'.

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