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Be confident, be social, be you

We all have a past, and in there, darkness.

Everyone has some form of darkness clouding their light.​

A shadow.


Shadow (shad-ow) | noun
A dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface

A representation of the past, and in such shadow, a reflection of darkness against light.

This concept, this idea, and this meaning, brought to life, 'social'.

A shadow - A faceless, nameless, image of life.

Dancing, moving, communicating, and flirting with depictions of light.
 Another soul, dancing and moving with other souls, as we dance in the light of life.

A valuable saying in life, well worth
y of repeat, and one that shines so true.

"There are no problems, only challenges."

So often, our darkness can be seen in the negative, when in reality, that darkness challenges the light within us ~ creating greater depth than before. A shadow would be incapable of dancing without both dark and light at play.

To overcome the challenges we face, we need to grow, mature, heal and love... all the most beautiful parts of living.


[ social ] sets out to share powerful stories, gift guidance, share tips, highlight resources so that all of our shadows can find better balance and truly learn to dance with one another.

From our shadows comes [ social ]

[ social ] is to share light and love, providing real life experiences and information to build a community that wants to hold one another to the light, time and again. To live a life filled with light will be a beautiful journey worth talking about.

Like our shadows, mental health, trauma, pain, suffering, anger, hurt, depression, and so many other issues that cloud and soften our light, are always with us, and can be very dark. They are real and so are you. But like our shadows, they move like our bodies, and mimic our physical reality.

Let's go within, let's listen, let's learn, and let's heal, together.

Be Confident, Be Social, Be You

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